The post-it revolution comes to Berwick!


The post-it revolution comes to Berwick!

There’s even more to see in Berwick over the weekend, including this ‘post-it picture’ of the proposed community owned wind turbine in William Elder building window.

You can check out a fun, time lapse video of the picture-in-the-making here.

The idea for a community owned turbine for Berwick started way back in 2002, and was taken up by the Berwick Community Trust as a project in 2006. The turbine received full planning permission this time last year, with very little opposition and a lot of support from the community as a whole.

The idea of creating works of art out of post-it notes has taken off in Paris, with offices across the city, and now across Europe, competing for the biggest & best pictures and window displays, known as the Post-It Revolution. And you can read more about that here, on

You can catch the wind turbine in the window of the William Elder Building at the top of Castlegate over the weekend.