Came to Berwick? Got the T-Shirt?


Came to Berwick? Got the T-Shirt?

Details, and lovely full-colour images, of the Festival 'Stagings' programme, and indeed all the projects we've busied ourselves with this year, can be found in our 56 page Catalogue. Lovingly designed by Duke and printed at Martins the Printer, there is no better way of remembering your time with us, if you attended, and no better way of knowing what you missed, if you didn't.

Catalogs are on sale for £5 at the Maltings and at the Gymnasium Gallery. Alternatively, email to order a copy.

We are also (loudly) recommending the T-Shirt as a momento of your stay. T's come in Small and Medium sizes, and, if you get in there quick enough because there are hardly any left - also Large and X-Large. Again these are on sale from the Maltings and Gymnasium Gallery for £5 a pop, and again you can email and we'll post you one.

And just a wee reminder - we're non-profit, meaning that this isn't a plug for our merch of George Lucas proportions, but rather a note to say that we would rather not have this stuff go to waste just because the Fest is over, and every little helps.