Getting to Berwick: Transport Issues Solved!


Getting to Berwick: Transport Issues Solved!

Due to pesky planned maintenance, all train services to Berwick will be cancelled on Saturday 18th September potentially lasting till the Sunday. There are replacement busses on offer by East Coast however they do take a lot longer to get to Berwick.

Do not be disheartened, eager festival goers, we have several super solutions for you:

Car Sharing

It’s eco-friendly, you get to meet new people and you can go halves on petrol costs!

We have a discussion thread on facebook if you wish to find someone to share the journey with, for driver’s with spare seats, or pedestrians with no way of getting to Berwick. Warning: remember to be safe, check out the links on car-sharing safety. It’s brilliant when it’s done right.

The Arty Party Bus

We have organised a bus from Newcastle Central Train Station to Berwick on Friday and Saturday to get you to and from the festival without worrying about designated drivers!

The bus is a bargainous £5 return, with which you’ll get to Berwick and back to enjoy everything the Festival has to offer and during the trip there will be free drinks, popcorn and a movie. Perfect!

The Arty Party Bus timetable:

Friday 17th September; Leaves Newcastle at 6pm Arr. 7.30pm (leaves Berwick at midnight)

With this bus you will arrive in Berwick for Guy Sherwin’s live performance – ‘Caught in the Light’, the drinks reception for the preview of ‘South’ at the Gymnasium Gallery and the after show party at the Maltings Stage Door Bar.

Saturday 18th September: Leaves Newcastle at 12 Noon Arr. 1.30pm (leaves Berwick at midnight)

With this weekend delight you will arrive in Berwick in time for the live performance of 'South' with sound artist BJ Nilsen, and a whole host of events for your perusal. Find more of Saturday's listings here.

To reserve your seat on the Arty Party Bus just e-mail Alison our Guest Services and Hospitality Officer, or turn up and we'll try and squeeze you on board, and pay on the day.

For more info see our pages on 'getting to' and 'staying in' Berwick.