Welcoming Alexandra Buccianti to Berwick


Welcoming Alexandra Buccianti to Berwick

We’re delighted to be welcoming Alexandra Buccianti to Berwick to host the Q&As for Mulberry House with director Sara Ishaq, and for The Uprising with director Peter Snowdon and producer Samm Haillay, on Friday 19th September.

Alexandra Buccianti is Egyptian with Italian and French origins. She has been working on the Middle East and North Africa region at the BBC’s international charity, BBC Media Action, since 2011 on media and development projects in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Palestine and Algeria – including the training of journalists, the production of audience-participatory debates as well as humanitarian information programmes.

Alexandra has strong interest in the Middle East and North Africa arts scene, as a vehicle for change and an alternative space for communication, and has helped edit and subtitle several films.

Alexandra will be in Berwick to interview the makers of The Mulberry House – in which Yemeni-Scottish activist Sara Ishaq returns to Yemen’s capital at the heart of an emerging revolution (Friday 19th, 1pm, at the Maltings) and of The Uprising – a multi-camera view of the Arab revolutions from the inside (Friday 19th, 6pm, at the Maltings).