Opening Film for Berwick 10th revealed...


Opening Film for Berwick 10th revealed...

Ahead of announcing our full programme next week, we are delighted to announce news of our opening film: the UK Premiere of Mamarosh on Wednesday, 17 September at 7pm. 

It's been called a buddy movie, a road movie, a war movie; Mamarosh (Serbian for “mummy’s boy”) is all that and's a love story, too - a crazy escapade played out between the river Danube of Eastern Europe and the Delaware Rivers on America’s east coast. It’s a high-stakes journey with horrendous twists and hilarious turns.

Middle-aged cinephile and film projectionist Pera still lives with his mother - and best friend - Mara, in Belgrade. It's 1999 and when NATO bombs start raining down on Serbia, the two of them become refugees. After a surreal journey, they end up in New York, where Pera realizes that he can no longer do the old job he loved so much. While he and Mara were struggling to survive in war-torn Eastern Europe, the world adopted new-age digital projection. When Pera stumbles upon some discarded projectors, his new mission in life becomes clear: he'll eschew modernity and technology and will instead travel the country, showing people the magic of “real cinema” - the magic that can only be created by celluloid, mechanical projectors, the silver screen and flickering light.

"deliciously droll black comedy..."

The Hollywood Reporter

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