BFMAF 2016: Berwick New Cinema Returns!


BFMAF 2016: Berwick New Cinema Returns!

With varying combinations of intimacy and intensity, these are resolutely contemporary films that transgress restraints of genre, capital and expectation. Throbbing with innovation, risk and unbounded visual imagination, the Berwick New Cinema strand features 13 short films and four features from some of the most exciting and ambitious filmmakers working today.


The Prison in Twelve Landscapes Brett Story(Canada/2016/86m) Friday 23 September, 17:15
Havarie Philip Scheffner (Germany/2016/93m/UK premiere) - Saturday 24 September, 16:45
Still Life Maud Alpi (Gorge Cœur Ventre/France/2016/82m/UK premiere) - Sunday 25 September, 15:00
All the Cities of the North Dane Komljen (Svi severni gradovi/Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro/2016/100m/UK premiere) - Sunday 25 September, 17:00

Berwick New Cinema Competition: Red - Friday 23 September 15:00 
A Boy Needs a Friend Steve Reinke (Canada, USA/2016/22m/UK premiere)
Eleven Men Trinh Thi Nguyen (Muòi môt nguòi dàn ông/Vietnam/2016/29m/world premiere)
Memories for a Private Eye Rania Stephan (Zikrayat Li Moufatish Khass/Lebanon, UAE/2015/32m/UK premiere)

Berwick New Cinema Competition: Green - Saturday 24 September, 15:00 
Events in a Cloud Chamber Ashim Ahluwalia (India/2016/23m)
One.Two.Three Vincent Meessen (Belgium/2016/35m/UK premiere)

The Watershow Extravaganza Sophie Michael (UK/2016/11m/16mm/UK premiere)

Berwick New Cinema Competition: Blue  - Sunday 25 September, 13:00
Cilaos Camilo Restrepo (France/2016/13m/UK premiere)
Colossal Cave Graeme Arnfield (UK/2016/10m/world premiere)
Dear Hester (Reversed) Patrick Staff (UK/2015/5m/world premiere)
If It Was Laure Prouvost (UK/2015/9m/UK premiere)
Serrated Edge Lewis Klahr (USA/2015/13m/world premiere)
Some Shapes Without Edges Molly Palmer (UK/2016/12m/world premiere)
Tender Not Approved Jenny Perlin (USA/2016/10m/world premiere)

Berwick New Cinema Seminar with Ed Webb-Ingall
Deborah Stratman - Absent: Some Thoughts on the Essential Work of Missing Bits - Friday 23 September, 10:30
Thomas Beard - Saturday 24 September, 10:30
Claire Hooper and Lucy Parker - Sunday 25 September, 10:30

All Berwick New Cinema screenings and the seminar take place at The Maltings Theatre & Cinema.

Festival passes are available here