Youth Film Project is KILLER


Youth Film Project is KILLER

We are thrilled to share BFMAF's commission for Into Film!

Killer Party (2015) was devised, produced and starred Abi, Ami, Alicia, Bob, Caitlyn, Daniel, Ezzie, Finlay, Kian, Lewis, Stuart and Zoe from Berwick Youth Project, aided and abetted by Rehana Zaman, Merrick Thomson & Magenta Sharp.

The filmmakers, aged 11-15, shot the film on location during a 3 day residential film making academy at Berwick’s Granary Youth Hostel. 

The film was made as part of Into Film’s See It, Make It: Prince’s Trust programme, supporting young people across the UK to make films that support their personal and social development and life skills.

A girl is at a social that turns out to be less than thrilling. As she kills time in the bathroom her mind begins to wander, imagining a party to die for. But is it all in her imagination…

>> Watch KILLER PARTY in full here