Documenting Conflict: Talk and Q&A with Alessio Romenzi and Tina Gharavi


Documenting Conflict: Talk and Q&A with Alessio Romenzi and Tina Gharavi

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival are proud to be supporting Documenting Conflict, a talk and Q&A with Alessio Romenzi (photojournalist) and and last year’s opening film (I Am Nasrine) director Tina Gharavi, in partnership with Newcastle University, taking place on Monday May 14th, Culture Lab, Space 7, 4-6pm.

Alessio Romenzi has worked in war zones as a photojournalist for over 10 years, while Tina Gharavi, a filmmaker, has examined the construction of truth in documentary practice. In March of 2012, they met while working on the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and began a conversation that has lead to a photo and moving image collaboration about storytelling, truth and "story vultures."

Exploring this year’s theme of the relationship between the still and the moving image, this event discusses the role of the documentarian through photography and film in areas of conflict. In this unique opportunity to hear the pair in conversation, Tina and Alessio will answer the questions: What is the role of the documentarian in conflict zones? What are the ethical considerations of storytelling? And can art be made out of conflict?

Alessio Romenzi is a full-time freelance editorial, corporate and portrait photographer since 2005. He works mostly with Agence France Presse, UN organizations, the International Red Cross and is represented by CORBIS. His pictures have appeared in many publications including New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time, Washington Post, Denver Post, Le Monde, Le Figaro, El Mundo, El Pais, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il fatto quotidiano, Internazionale, L’Espresso, Der Spiegel, Verdens Gang (VG), The Guardian and The National among others.

Tina Gharavi is a filmmaker, whose work focuses on ‘untold stories, unheard voices’ and filmmaking from the margins. Using all her reserves of ingenuity, she recently completed her first feature: with no formal film finance. I Am Nasrine, is a coming of age story of two teenage Iranian refugees in the North of England. The project patron Sir Ben Kingsley called it “a life enhancing film, an important and much needed film”. Gharavi also teaches filmmaking at Newcastle University and has lectured worldwide including Oxford University, UCL, SUNY Buffalo and Croatia as well as other exotic locations.

This is a free event taking place at Culture Lab, and sponsored by: Berwick Media & Arts Film Festival, the School of English: Literature, Language and Linguistics Newcastle University & The Research Centre in Film and Digital Media.

It is open to both students and members of the general public.

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