Local Children See Their Film on the Big Screen at Berwick 10th!


Local school-children from Northumberland will attend Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival this September to see their film premiere as part of the Festival line-up. 

‘Every Drop Counts’ is a short film commissioned by Northumbrian Water which explores water conservation in Northumberland, and in particular Wooler and Glendale. The water company has been working with seven young people from the Glendale Film Club for Young People to create the five minute film.

The children, aged 12 and 13, have learnt how to operate a camera, set up interviews and work together to get the shots they need.

Ruari Fletcher, aged 12, from the film club, said: “I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Northumbrian Water film, getting behind the camera and finding out how to make a good film. We don’t normally get the chance to do things like this and it’s been great. 

“I’ve also learnt that it is important to save water and how easy it can be; things like turning the tap off when you are brushing your teeth can save lots of water. I can’t wait to see the finished film at the cinema!” 

Clair Cooper, Demand Planning Project Manager at Northumbrian Water, said: “We’re passionate about helping local communities and saving water. It’s been a pleasure working with Glendale Film Club for Young People and Robert McDougal from True Glass Film to help produce ‘Every Drop Counts’ and we’re delighted that it will be screened at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival - educating people about water use is key for us.” 

‘Every Drop Counts’ is part of a whole town approach to water conservation which has involved hundreds of families and businesses in Wooler and Glendale, all working to save water, energy and money. The water company is also doing its bit to protect important water supplies; by finding and fixing leaks as quick as possible and helping customers to install meters. 

The initiative, which is estimated to save each household an average of 60 litres per day equivalent to an eight minute shower, will come to Berwick upon Tweed in 2015 where Northumbrian Water hopes it will have the same impact. 

As part of their conservation work, Northumbrian Water is also contributing to a film about the River Tweed, produced by local artist and filmmaker, John Wallace, for the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival. John’s installation will explore the meaning of the English-Scottish border to those who live, work, visit and play around the banks of the two rivers which mark the border: in the west, the Sark; and in the east, the Tweed. 

The film, which will be presented in Bankhill Ice House, on the banks of the River Tweed, not only looks at the human connections to the environment around them, but the practicalities of water supply. “We’re really excited to work with John Wallace to explain how we manage our water supply in north Northumberland,” said Clair Cooper, “water is a precious resource and we’re committed to helping protect water supplies for years to come.” 

Residents and businesses who want to learn more about saving water or register for a free water audit should visit www.nwl.co.uk/makeitcount. Or visit Northumbrian Water in the Festival Hub at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival from 17 -21 September.

‘Every Drop Counts’ screens on Saturday 20 September in The Maltings Theatre & Cinema alongside 'The Legend of Sarila', visit www.berwickfilm-artsfest.com.

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