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9th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th September 2013

North by Northeast

Film & Events Programme

Wednesday 25th September

Opening Gala

Sponsored by Arch: The Northumberland Development Company

The Hidden Child
International Premiere
Per Hanefjord | Sweden I 2013 I 105min I Sugg.15
19:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £8 / £7

Set in a seaside village in Western Sweden, the successful author Erica
Falck’s parents are killed in a car crash. A year later a man steps into Erica’s house claiming to be her half-brother and she discovers dark secrets from her mother’s past, secrets that someone is trying very hard to keep hidden… The latest in a wave of incredible thrillers to come out of Scandinavia - this one based on a novel by best-selling crime writer Camilla Läckberg.

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The Case
World Premiere
Cecilia Stenbom | UK | 2013 | 9min
A short film shot on location in Berwick, inspired by Scandinavian crime thrillers. The Case draws on actual recorded conversations with residents of the town, bringing together scenarios from a fictitious police investigation. Commissioned in partnership with Berwick Visual Arts residency programme.

Thursday 26th September

Thomas Vinterberg I Denmark I 1998 I 106min | 15??
13:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £5 / £4

The ultimate, awkward, family dinner party drama, set in rural Denmark. Otherwise known as “Dogme #1,” Festen launched Vinterberg’s and Lars Von Trier’s manifesto, inspiring a whole generation of Scandinavian – and British - cinema. Screened from an original 35mm print, and introduced by Hollywood Reporter film critic Neil Young.

Sponsored by Yellow Book

The Fifth Season
Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth | Belgium / The Netherlands / France | 2012 | 93min | Sugg.15
17:30 | The Maltings Cinema | £6 / £5

In a village deep in the Ardennes Forest, the seasonal cycle seems to stop: spring doesn’t come. When the annual bonfire celebrating the end of winter fails to burn and the seeds don’t grow, panic mounts and the bonds between neighbours start to break. A cinematically arresting fable.

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Clutching at Straws
Louise Scollay | UK | 2012 | 5min

Berwick Film Society presents

The Deep
Baltasar Kormákur | Iceland | 2012 | 86min | 12A
20:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £7 / £6

The wrecking of a fishing boat off Iceland’s Westman Islands provides a fact-based drama in which a taciturn anti-hero valiantly attempts to stay alive and rescue his fellow fishermen. Filmed in the same perilous seas where tragedy struck, this human narrative of survival instinct, loss and public scrutiny is stunningly produced, from the director of 101 Reykjavik and Jar City.

Friday 27th September

Coast to Coast
2012-13 I 80min I Sugg.12A
13:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £5 / £4

Four longer short films, each exploring life by - and on – the sea: from an isolated Hebridean peninsula in Fishcakes and Cocaine to the Turku archipelago through four hilarious future scenarios in Archipelago Science Fiction. From there we join fishboy in a seemingly idyllic seaside village in Ziegenort; and finally we set sail north from Norway in A Tale of Two Ships.

Fishcakes and Cocaine
World Premiere
Alex Nevill | UK | 2013 | 25min

Archipelago Science Fiction
UK Premiere
Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen | Finland | 2012 | 25min

Tomasz Popakul | Poland | 2013 19min

A Tale of Two Ships
World Premiere
Lars Harald Gathe I Norway | 2013 I 10min

The Deflowering of Eva Van End
Michiel ten Horn | The Netherlands | 2012 | 98min | Sugg. 15
17:30 | The Maltings Studio | £6 / £5

A stylish comedy about the Van End family, viewed through the thick-rim bespectacled eyes of 15-year-old Eva. After the arrival of an impossibly perfect German exchange student, the van Ends can no longer imagine how they ever managed to live with their imperfect selves. But, we learn, perfection is not what brings happiness…

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The Offshore Account
World Premiere
Daniel Major I UK I 2012 I 4min

Sponsored by Simpsons Malt

Live Event: Field Music
Festival Commission
John Grierson | UK | 1929 | 39min | PG
20:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £8 / £7

Grierson’s seminal silent documentary follows the working day of a herring fishing fleet as they set sail from the Shetland Islands to battle the elements of the North Sea fishing grounds. Presented with a newly composed, live score from Mercury Prize-nominees Field Music. Supported by PRS For Music Foundation.

We’re delighted that Danny Leigh, presenter of the BBC’s Film Programme, will introduce Drifters as part of this special event.

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Granton Trawler
John Grierson | UK | 1934 | 11min

Musikvideo Party
21:30 | Kazmiranda Café | FREE

Following Field Music’s live performance we head round the corner, for a night of more music, drinking, and perhaps a little dancing. Having teamed up with Berwick’s upcoming Frontier Festival, we bring you an evening of music videos from across the North East and Northern Europe.


Saturday 28th September


Acting for Camera
The Maltings Studio | £3.50

A hands-on workshop in acting for camera - take on a role, film each other, and see yourself on the big screen. Learn about how film acting is different to stage acting - and how much fun it can be! Led by Dummy Jim actor, Samuel Dore.

10:00 - 12:00: ages 8 - 13
13:00 - 15:00: ages 14 - 18

For details or to book, go to The Maltings on 01289 330999.


Children’s Film

Moomins and the Comet Chase
Maria Lindberg | Finland (Dubbed in English) | 2010 | 75min | Sugg. U
11:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £4 / £3

Moomin Valley is threatened by a comet from outer space. With the help of his father, Moominpappa, Moomintroll and his worried friends build a raft and embark on a challenging journey to the observatory! Listen out for the opening song by Björk.


Family Film

Sponsored by Simpsons Malt

Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods
Christian Ditter | Germany (Dubbed in English) | 2011 | 96min | Sugg. PG
13:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £4 / £3

When the mighty Viking Halvar suddenly disappears, his clever but timid son Wickie must lead the Vikings on a dangerous journey to rescue his father from the evil Sven, and seek out the legendary treasure of the gods. A comedy action adventure - by longboat!

Special Event

Dummy Jim
Matt Hulse | UK | 2013 | 87min | Sugg. PG
15:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £6 / £5

In 1951, a profoundly deaf Scotsman called James Duthie cycled solo to the Arctic Circle. Fifty years later, filmmaker Matt Hulse received a copy of Duthie’s journal, chronicling his bizarre journey, and was inspired to tell his story. Thirteen years later the project was complete. Followed by a Q&A with Matt Hulse and actor Samuel Dore, BSL-interpreted for the deaf.

Axel Petersen | Sweden | 2011 | 79min | Sugg. 15
17:30 | The Maltings Cinema | £6 / £5

After serving time with an ankle tag, 60-year-old party promoter Janne travels to the small coastal town of Båstad with his equally irresponsible sister Jackie to open an exclusive nightclub. When an accident thwarts his plans, he seeks a desperate way out. A great debut drama from artist turned filmmaker Axel Petersen.

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How to Choose
UK Premiere
Cecilia Stenbom | UK | 2012 | 4min

Special Event

Inntravel Award for Best Short Film
Various | 2012-13 | 120min I Sugg.15
20:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £6 / £5

This year we launched our inaugural short film and video competition, receiving hundreds of submissions under our North by Northeast theme. This is the cream of the crop. Shortlisted entries compete for a cash prize of £500, sponsored by the slow holiday company, Inntravel, and awarded by our Jury: Sight & Sound editor Nick James, filmmaker Eva Weber and artist-curator Anna Linder.

Beyond the Scars
Chris McClean | UK | 2013 | 7min

The Devil’s Ballroom
UK Premiere
Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken | Norway | 2012 | 14min

i-D Iceland
World Premiere
Klaus Thymann | Iceland / UK | 2012 | 1min

UK Premiere
Simone Bennett | The Netherlands | 2012 | 9min

One (Ane Brun)
UK Premiere
Magnus Renfors | Sweden | 2012 | 17min

Gunhild Enger | Norway | 2013 | 16min

Suddenly Last Summer
UK Premiere
Juha Mäki-Jussila | Finland | 2013 | 4min

Johnny Barrington | UK | 2012 | 13min


Sunday 29th September

Family Film

The Great Bear
Esben Toft Jacobsen | Denmark (Dubbed in English) | 2011 | 73min | Sugg. U
11:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £4 / £3

Jonathan and his little sister Sophie are on holiday at their grandfather’s cabin, deep in the forest. Jonathan tries to shake-off his kid sister, but he succeeds all too well: she is kidnapped by a giant, 1000-year-old bear and Jonathan must save her! A beautifully animated, mythical adventure.


Make Your Own Soundtrack
12.00 – 17.00 | The Maltings Studio | FREE
A chance to create your own score for a film, and to make some noise! Bring your own objects from home, or pick up a number of items here in the studio and work with others to create a rich soundscape. Workshop led by Dummy Jim director and sound designer, Matt Hulse.

Free, drop in workshop for all ages - no experience or booking required.

Sponsored by the National Youth Film Academy

Young Filmmakers Showcase
Various | UK | 2012 - 2013 | 90min | Sugg. PG
13:00 – 14:30 | The Maltings Cinema | £4 / £3

A celebratory showcase for young filmmakers from across the region. At stake is a cash prize, donated by the family of the late Chris Anderson – including his son, blockbuster director Paul W.S. Anderson. Also presented is the World Premiere of the winner of the Wilson’s Tales Project’s Film Award.


Open Door Film Club presents

Boudewijn Koole | The Netherlands | 2012 | 81min | Sugg.12A
15:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £5 / £4

The enthralling story of a young boy named Jojo and the relationship he builds with a baby Jackdaw bird he finds fallen from its nest. Winner of the Best First Feature Award at Berlinale, and selected by Berwick’s Open Door Film Club.

Special Event

Kari Anne Moe | Norway / Sweden | 2012 | 118min | Sugg.12A
17:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £6 / £5

Sana, Henrik, Haakon and Johanne represent four different political youth parties, each preparing for the Norwegian election campaign in 2011. On 21 July, Johanne boards the ferry to the AUF summer camp on the island of Utøya. This documentary portrays the generation marked for life by the massacre of 22 July 2011. Introduced by the director.

Closing Gala

For Those In Peril
Paul Wright | UK | 2013 | 93min | 18
20:00 | The Maltings Cinema | £7 / £6

Set in a remote Scottish fishing community, Aaron is the lone survivor of a boat accident that claimed five lives, including his older brother. Spurred on local folklore and superstition, the village blames Aaron for this tragedy, while he sets out to recover his brother. Featuring Kate Dickie (Red Road, Prometheus) and followed by a Q&A with lead actor and rising star George MacKay (soon to be seen in North East feature Bypass, by Duane Hopkins).


Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th September
11:00 - 18:00
Unless otherwise stated

The Maltings Studio
Thurs 26th – Fri 27th
11:00 – 17:00

The Hill
UK Premiere
Denmark | 2011 | 41min, looped

The hill that covers the Sports Hall in Nørrebro in Copenhagen sets the stage for an imaginary portrait of an area, as told through the stories of nearby inhabitants.


Bankhill Ice House

Kelly Richardson
The Last Frontier
World Premiere
UK | 2013 | looped

A new immersive installation from Kelly Richardson (Mariner 9), depicting a future landscape in which the last frontier forests have disappeared. Funded by Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC) through its Artists’ Projects Fund, and installed with support from the Northumberland Coast AONB Sustainable Development Fund.


Town Hall Prison Cells

Northern Lights

An exhibition of short videos set in the far north: a view of Sámi culture through reindeer herding; views of the Arctic Svalbard glacier through movement; using the Faroe Islands as a backdrop for dance; time-lapse sequences of Reykjavik in the midnight sun; and exploring the relationship between man and landscape as skiers make their way down an Icelandic mountain.

Eva Weber
69.4 Degrees North
UK / Finland I 2012 | 4min, looped

Yva Jung
The Arctic is Not Too Far From Her(e)
World Premiere
Norway I 2011 | 13min, looped

UK Premiere
Faroe Islands | 2011 | 3min, looped

Tim Harrison
Reykjavik Nights
World Premiere
UK I 2012 I 4min, looped

Lois Patiño
Mountain in Shadow
UK Premiere
Spain / Iceland I 2012 | 14min, looped


The Big M, Parade
Fri 27th 15:00 – 18:00
Sat 28th 11:00 – 18:00

On The Precipice
UK / Belgium / Canada / France / Germany / The Netherlands / USA | 2012-3 | 60min, looped

The Big M - ISIS Arts’ inflatable mobile cinema space - returns to Berwick with a series of immersive film installations by artists Gordon Cheung, Alexandra Crouwers, Jillian McDonald, Jenn E Norton, Emily Richardson, Kelly Richardson and Brigitte Zieger, exploring contemporary landscape and human impact on the environment. Produced by ISIS Arts and curated by Kelly Richardson (see The Last Frontier).

Gymnasium Gallery
Preview Wed 25th 21:30 – 22:30

Sidsel Christensen
Study for Composition X
Festival Commission
UK / Norway | 2013 | looped

Facing out to sea, towards the UK, the artist captures the Norwegian landscape through video, using her body as an interactive framing device. In a newly commissioned parallel work, the artist frames the Berwick coastline, facing back to the west coast of Norway. Commissioned in partnership with NABROAD/ Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroad, with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Gymnasium Gallery
Preview Wed 25th 21:30 – 22:30

Matt Hulse
Better To Wear Out Shoes Than Sheets
Festival Commission
UK | 2013 | looped

Centered around a mysteriously abandoned camping spot, artist Matt Hulse's three-screen installation playfully revisits and reassembles footage, props, costume and artifacts from his feature film Dummy Jim (see film programme).


The Magazine

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson
First Level, Second Level
World Premiere
The Netherlands / Iceland | 2012-13 | 2min, looped

Three short works, each creating a playful and performative narrative within one single take and the condensed frame of approximately two minutes each. A grown-up walks leisurely along train tracks like a bored kid; a man weighs himself using a climbing protractor; a poem is shipped.

Coxon’s Tower

Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum
Try to Do the Salmon Dance
World Premiere
Norway | 2012 | 4min, looped

A break from reality – through the fishtank and into the sea. A visually arresting video which attempts to show movements and feelings when no one is looking.


The Main Guard

Elle Sofe Henriksen
The Yoiking Hand
UK Premiere
Norway I 2011 I 5min, looped

A short documentary featuring the unrehearsed movements of three
traditional Sámi yoikers (singers), and their thoughts about why the hand
moves in a certain way while yoiking.


Custom House

Cecilia Stenbom
The Case
New Commission
UK | 2013 | 9 min, looped

Inspired by ‘Nordic Noir’ and British TV crime drama, and shot in Berwick, The Case examines how crime fiction preys and perpetuates anxiety whilst being a source of entertainment within popular culture. Commissioned in partnership with Berwick Visual Arts residency programme.


Shoregate Ice House

Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler
Nation for Two
UK Premiere
The Netherlands | 2012 | 15min, looped

The subterranean journey of a man and a woman, tunnelling their way towards each other. This surreal stop-motion animation demonstrates that love knows no nationality and no borders.

Look out for our Mobile Cinema Caravan – various locations

Anna Linder
13 Related Sewing Machines
UK Premiere
Sweden | 2011 | 6min, looped

A dedication to the invisible labour of women, in tribute to the artist’s mother and grandmother. Created by Anna Linder, an artist and curator, and jury member of our Inntravel Award for Best Short Film.

Artists Talks
Gymnasium Gallery
Saturday 28th September | FREE – no need to book

11:00 – 12:00 Kelly Richardson & Alexandra Crouwers
13:00 – 14:30 Sidsel Christensen, Matt Hulse & Cecilia Stenbom

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Tickets available from and from The Maltings Theatre & Cinema, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Box Office: +44 (0)1289 330999

Tickets are priced as shown.

The Festival Pass, priced £35 / £30 concessions, offers entry to all films and events subject to availability (excluding non-free workshops).

Entry to the Installations is free, with no need to book.

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