Seamus Harahan – New Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival Commission


We are delighted to announce the commissioning of a new video installation work by Seamus Harahan for the 11th edition of the festival, which takes place in September 2015.

Perusing fugitive moments, Harahan has described his way of working as 'an absent minded gaze in response to the world... a benign voyeurism - ponderous and wondering - locating yourself, locating others.'

With a line extending from Berwick’s Elizabethan defensive walls and further across the Baltic to explore cultural chinks, links and aberrations on the periphery of Europe, Harahan’s proposed work would bring completion to his Fucking Finland series (of which currently, only the piece ‘Your Silent Face’ has been finished). The series’ title draws attention to the time when Europe was cast in two opposing ideological blocks and to the chagrin of some, Finland kept a relatively neutral policy.

These are subjects and narratives, not without interest in a border town such as Berwick: according to apocrypha popular in the town, Berwick’s omission from a Victorian era peace treaty leaves it still technically at war with Russia. Exploring the solid lines and grey areas between representations and realities, where things just don’t snugly fit is at the heart of Seamus’s work and we’re looking forward to his contribution to the Festival.

Seamus Harahan

Based in Belfast, Seamus Harahan work was featured in ‘Assembly, A survey of Recent Artists' Flms and Video in Britain 2008 – 13’ at Tate Britain, London. His film 'Cold Open' received the Jury Award at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan in March 2014 and he represented Northern Ireland in the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 and received a Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists in 2009.

Seamus Harahan is represented by Gimpel Fils, London.

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