The Hill

Thursday 26th September / 11AM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th September | 11:00 – 17:00

UK Premiere
Denmark | 2011 | 41min, looped

The hill that covers the Korsgade Sports Hall in Copenhagen sets the stage for a subjective and imaginary portrait of the area and becomes a character in itself.

Copenhagen is known for being a flat city – and yet in the working-class borough of Nørrebro, the ground rises, covering the town’s public gym in an artificial hill. Built against the will of some locals, the hill becomes the focus of a film which observes the stories of the inhabitants of the popular tenements around it.

A reflective documentary capturing the spirit of a place, the film offers an audiovisual portrait of a town often troubled by social tensions, allowing us to get to know the individuals who live, work and dream there.

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Artist ZimmerFrei Year 2011 Duration 41 minutes