On The Precipice

Friday 27th September / 3PM @ The Big M, Parade

Friday 27th September 15:00 - 18:00 & Saturday 28th September 11:00 - 18:00 

UK / Belgium / Canada / France / Germany / The Netherlands / USA | 2012-3 | 60min, looped

The Big M - ISIS Arts’ inflatable mobile cinema space - returns to Berwick with a series of immersive film installations by artists Gordon Cheung, Alexandra Crouwers, Jillian McDonald, Jenn E Norton, Emily Richardson, Kelly Richardson and Brigitte Zieger, exploring contemporary landscape and human impact on the environment.

On the Precipice has been produced by ISIS Arts, curated by Kelly Richardson (see The Last Frontier), and toured the North East over the Summer.

The project includes a series of workshops, giving young people the chance to make their own video work inspired by these ideas and to experiment with some of the same innovative technologies. The Festival would like to thanks Queens Hall Arts, General Mills and the Cooperative Membership Foundation for bringing the workshops to schools and youth groups across Berwick and North Northumberland.


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Artist Various Year 2013 Duration 60 minutes