Long shorts programme: Coast to Coast

Friday 27th September / 1PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

Four longer short films, each exploring life by – and on – the sea: from an isolated Hebridean peninsula in Fishcakes and Cocaine to the Turku archipelago through four hilarious future scenarios in Archipelago Science Fiction. From there we join Fish Boy in a seemingly idyllic seaside village in Ziegenort; and finally we set sail north from Norway in A Tale of Two Ships.

Fishcakes and Cocaine
World Premiere
Alex Nevill | UK | 2013 | 25min

Revolving around four unorthodox inhabitants of an isolated Hebridean peninsula, this documentary offers an insight into an off-grid existence; exploring the peculiarities of living in a harsh natural environment while intimately delving into dwellings nestled around scraggy Scoraig. Through intricate daily chores and the vast hostile landscape, we glimpse into a deep desire for isolation and distance from contemporary society among the island’s community.

Archipelago Science Fiction
UK Premiere
Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen | Finland | 2012 | 25min

The Turku archipelago islands located in the Baltic Sea provide the framework for future scenarios. The islanders themselves perform four hilarious and sometimes chilling episodes, which they scripted themselves based on their own fears and hopes. More than 100 local residents were involved in writing and acting out their prediction
for Turku in the year 2111. The visions are surprisingly contemporary and universal.

Tomasz Popakul | Poland | 2013 19min

Fish Boy is a teenager facing the challenges of growing up. His problems are especially severe, as he is different from all others: he is half boy, half fish. Set in an idyllic fishing village, where he goes fishing with his father, this magical and surreal tale of Fish Boy’s struggle is told through a combination of cartoon and 3D animation in expressive colours.

A Tale of Two Ships
World Premiere
Lars Harald Gathe I Norway | 2013 I 10min

A Tale of Two Ships uncovers some of the poetry and philosophy behind sailing, as a unique worldview and a reaction to modern conformity in Norway. In an atmospheric voyage through wintery seascapes, we meet a time-served sailor, experienced on the northern seas, and a young man who, having just got his own sailboat, reflects on the adventure that lies ahead.

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Artist Various Country UK / Finland / Poland / Norway Year 2013 Duration 80 minutes Cert Suggested 12a