Artist Talk at the Gymnasium

Sunday 23rd September / 2PM @ Berwick Gymnasium

In Berwick Gymnasium, we welcome you to join us for an artist talk from three established filmmakers; the video artist Jason Dee (24 Times), the producer Samm Haillay (Boy, Boy on Bike & Boy in Landscape), both from Newcastle, and the director and opera singer Eveline Ketterings (Tamino), from the Netherlands.

Each represent new moving image works which play with the notion of the still photograph, whether through re-creating a zoetrope, through suspending a moment in time, or through stop-motion.

We recommend you check out Jason Dee’s 24 Times (installed in the Gymnasium), Samm Haillay’s Boy, Boy on Bike & Boy in Landscape (The Magazine), and Tamino (Coxon’s Tower), all of which can be found on the Town Walls, beforehand, if you can.

The artists will be discussing their work in relation to this year’s theme, Pictures in Motion, and about how their work explores the relationship between the moving image and the still image. Chairing the discussion will be Huw Davies, Festival Chair & Co-curator, also a photographer and filmmaker.

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Artist Jason Dee, Samm Haillay, Eveline Ketterings Duration 90 minutes