Peter & the Wolf and other stories

Sunday 23rd September / 11AM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

A pick‘n’mix selection of enchanting tales for all the family, including the Oscar-winning stop-motion animation, Peter & the Wolf.

Peter is a bold young lad, kept confined to his backyard by his zealously protective grandfather, who lives in fear of the dangers that lurk on the outside. Peter’s only companion is a duck, who goads him into stepping out of his ‘prison’. Joined by a wounded crow, they manage to cross the fence that separates the inside from the out, and begin to frolic on a frozen lake, slipping and skidding with glee. As they’re all having the time of their lives, a lone wolf, skulking and on the prowl, lunges forward to swallow the duck whole. Peter, devastated that his best friend is no more, calls on all his inner strength to capture the wolf. He drives into the town, triumphantly parading the caged wolf for all to see. But when the town bullies attempt to make a mockery of Peter’s accomplishment, he realises that there are things greater than revenge.

This much-loved tale has resonated deeply with over five generations of children, enchanted by its power and sense of fun. Brought to life through stop-motion animation, and using Sergei Prokofiev's original score, Templeton’s Peter & the Wolf won the Academy Award for best short Animated Film in 2006.

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Richard Phelen | UK | 2011 | 9min
All Humphrey the beaver wants to do is build his dam. However, his efforts are ignored by the community of woodland creatures around him. Everything changes when a billboard from the city becomes lodged in his dam. The arrival of the object seems like divine intervention and makes Humphrey the new leader - but he uses his status for increasingly selfish reasons, putting the small community, and eventually his own life, at risk.

Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet | France | 2010 | 8min
A character unshackles himself from the workings of his wild imagination in order to win over the woman of his dreams.

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