Tales of the Night

Saturday 22nd September / 11AM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

Set in a little cinema, three storytellers meet every night to act out various tales set in forests and cities of gold with sorcerers, fairies and powerful kings. An instant classic and a visual delight for any child and parent, the film weaves together six exotic fables, each unfolding in a unique locale, from Tibet, to medieval Europe, an Aztec kingdom, the African plains, and even the Land of the Dead. In Ocelot’s storytelling, history blends with fairytale as viewers are whisked off to enchanted lands full of dragons, werewolves, captive princesses, sorcerers, and enormous talking bees - and each fable ends with its own ironic twist.

Premièring in competition for the Golden Bear at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, Michel Ocelot's latest feature is a spin off from his recent television series Dragons and Princesses and the first time the silhouette, lightbox style of animation is fused with 3D technology. This may be a surprise for those who know the Director's traditional 'cut out' style of animation, but the results are far from the usual 3D cinema experience. Tales of the Night is surely going to follow in the footsteps of previous Berwick Film Festival hits like Azur & Asmar: The Princes Quest from last year.

“Michel Ocelot's ravishing animation and magical storytelling is a delight from start to finish.”

- David Parkinson, Empire Magazine

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Artist Michel Ocelot Country France Year 2011 Duration 84 minutes Cert PG