The CineMarauder

@ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

The fiercely independent Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle have been screening films from the lesser-known corners of cinema for the past 10 years. Currently in the process of moving building, they're bringing the intimacy of their temporary mobile home - The Cinemarauder - to the festival to showcase their own special take on X.

Star & Shadow brings The CineMarauder to BFMAF to continue its ongoing collective exploration into the conditions of viewing, cultivating a dialogic relationship between artist and spectator. The CineMarauder a 16’ caravan adapted to be a screening room is an experiment in the Medvedkin tradition of bringing cinema to people and places to provoke discussion. The caravan is also touring to draw attention to the undeniably inspiring and impressive community building project that will result in a new permanent home for Star & Shadow in 2017.

One limb of the Star & Shadow organism’s collective exploration into viewing contexts has evolved a collaborative programming pseudonym, The Ignorant Curator, a film programmer who choses a film to share publicly that she/he has never seen. This relationship sets up a non-hierarchical mediation between artist and viewer, and generally results in a very rich discussion at the end. The collective experience of cinema gets its due emphasis, as audiences share their own readings and benefit from others' readings of the work, in a context where the division between those who ‘know’ and those who don’t is impeded, and intellectual equality is celebrated.

For BFMAF, the Ignorant Curator, sister of Ranciere’s Ignorant Schoolmaster, invites the emancipated spectator to share in a viewing-cum-discoursing experience of films hopefully never seen before by both curator and audience.

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