Saturday 24th September / 3PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

In One.Two.Three, Vincent Meessen begins by circumventing the trap of Situationist mythology, in which Guy Debord has been consecrated as the hero and epicentre of a revolution. Instead, the work revisits a part of the history of this movement which has to date been ignored. The starting point for the work is the discovery, in the archives of the Belgian Situationist Raoul Vaneigem, of the lyrics to a protest song that Congolese Situationist Joseph M’Belolo Ya M’Piku composed in May 1968.

Working with M’Belolo and young musicians in Kinshasa, Vincent Meessen has produced a new rendition of the song. The multi-coloured labyrinth of Un Deux Trois, the club that was once home to the world-famous OK Jazz orchestra led by Franco Luambo, a key figure of artistic modernity in the Congo, offers the perfect setting for a musical dérive. Against the background of Congolese rumba, threatened vernacular architecture and revolutionary rhetorics of the past, the film puts to music the narrative of unexpected meetings and one of the forms that resulted from it: M’Belolo’s song.

One.Two.Three which was created for the Belgian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale.

Screens in the programme Berwick New Cinema Competition: Green.



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Artist Vincent Meessen Country Belgium Year 2016 Duration 35 minutes