Events in a Cloud Chamber

Saturday 24th September / 3PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

In 1969, Akbar Padamsee, one of the pioneers of Modern Indian painting, made a film called Events in a Cloud Chamber. Shot on a 16mm Bolex, the film ran for six minutes and featured a single image of a dreamlike terrain. After just a handful of screenings, the film, which existed only as a single positive print, was shipped to an art expo in New Delhi where it was misplaced. This was possibly the birth of experimental film in India, but it ended before it began.

A rare, spectral trace of India’s forgotten avant-garde cinema, Events in a Cloud Chamber now exists only in memory. More than 40 years later, filmmaking Ashim Ahluwalia worked with Padamsee to remake the film. Events in a Cloud Chamber (2016) is the result of their collaboration. As Padamsee, now 88 years old, looks back, what does he see? Does art stop ageing and preclude death? Like extinct languages and deathbed confessions, Events in a Cloud Chamber is ultimately a ghost story, meditating on vanished art, mortality and the phantoms that we leave behind.

Screens in the programme Berwick New Cinema Competition: Green.

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Artist Ashim Ahluwalia Country India Year 2016 Duration 23 minutes