Some Shapes Without Edges

Sunday 25th September / 12:45PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

World Premiere

Some Shapes Without Edges is an episodic video sequence about the mystery, complexity and absurdity of being human. How do we absorb and transform experiences that are funny, bewildering and beautiful - confusing, frightening or sad?

The stories are sentimental and comical, silly and serious. Two statues learn about friendship from identical twins dressed as curtains. A girl with a camera multiplies, disappearing with a flash into TV infinity. Static electricity haunts objects and we take a minute to think about walking up hills...

Music, dance and gesture take over when words won’t work. Small items grow huge and people shrink. The videos are set in a world where things follow a different logic - where they fit together as they do in dreams and in our heads.

Screens in the programme Berwick New Cinema Competition: Blue.

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Artist Molly Palmer Country UK Year 2016 Duration 12 minutes