Serrated Edge

Sunday 25th September / 12:45PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

World Premiere

'Serrated Edge (August 2015) is the first version of my film Circumstantial Pleasures (August 2016) - different songs, different edit, different meaning - an alternate version.' -Lewis Klahr, August 2016

Serrated Edge was first selected for BFMAF 2015 but for circumstances (and pleasures) beyond our control the screening didn’t go ahead. Flash forward to 2016 and the film we’d originally known under the name Circumstantial Pleasures had a new soundtrack, was the first episode in a new feature length trilogy from Klahr and also formed the centrepiece in a Zurich gallery exhibition! Deliciously Odyshape - like the very best of Lewis Khlar’s work - with an eighties soundtrack featuring a middle instrumental from 1973, and eighties imagery composed from contemporary comic books, there’s nothing here that could be regarded as a clean cut. But the film we came to love in the summer of 2015 had left an indelible impression and we’re indebted to Lewis’ trust in allowing what may turn out to be both the first and last screening of Serrated Edge.

X marks the spot and following this year's Festival, Serrated Edge may become buried treasure. - BFMAF, September 2016

Screens in the programme Berwick New Cinema Competition: Blue.

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Artist Lewis Klahr Country USA Year 2015 Duration 13 minutes