Berwick New Cinema Competition: Blue

Sunday 25th September / 12:45PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

With varying combinations of intimacy and intensity, these are resolutely contemporary films that transgress restraints of genre, capital and expectation. Throbbing with innovation, risk and unbounded visual imagination, the Berwick New Cinema Competition features some of the most exciting and ambitious filmmakers working today.

Berwick New Cinema Competition: Blue contains the following seven films:

Camilo Restrepo Cilaos France,Columbia, 2016, 13min - UK Premiere
Graeme Arnfield Colossal Cave UK, 2016, 10min - World Premiere
Patrick Staff Dear Hester (Reversed) UK, 2015, 5min - World Premiere
Laure Prouvost If It Was UK, 2015, 9min - UK Premiere
Lewis Klahr Serrated Edge USA, 2015, 13min - World Premiere
Molly Palmer Some Shapes Without Edges UK, 2016, 12min - World Premiere
Jenny Perlin Tender Not Approved USA, 2016, 10min - World Premiere

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Duration 72 minutes Cert Suggested 15