Thursday 22nd September / 5PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

'Olivia offered hothouse lesbian passion in an upper class French girls' school,' wrote Vito Russo in The Celluloid Closet, his classic account of homosexuality and cinema. 'It was a perfect "shadow people" film for the Fifties.

It featured dark doings in school corridors and ended in the obligatory tragic circumstances. American censors assured the delicacy of treatment for which Pit of Loneliness was touted. One censor’s notation read: "Eliminate in Reel 5D: Scene of Miss Julie holding Olivia in close embrace and kissing her on the mouth. Reason: Immoral, would tend to corrupt morals."'

Film restoration by CNC / rights held by Les films de la Pleïade

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Artist Jacqueline Audry Country France Year 1951 Duration 94 minutes Cert Suggested 12a