Saturday 26th September / 7PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

Developed through real conversations with women who work as carers and telephone counsellors, this fictionalised account of female helpline workers chronicles the slippage that can occur in their career as they journey out of the city on a work 'away day'. As they consider the emotional impact of the job, their experiences and interactions with each other become increasingly strange.


Screening as part of the Inntravel Short Film Awards. Our Awards programme is central to the Festival and represents some of the most exciting and ambitious contemporary filmmakers working today. An international jury, featuring filmmakers Beatrice Gibson and Salomé Lamas alongside curator Fatos Üstek, will present Inntravel’s prestigious award following the screening. 

Screening with:

A Distant Episode
Ben Rivers | UK | 2015 | 20
Consider the Belvedere
Julia Feyrer & Tamara Henderson | Canada | 2015 | 10
From Our Own Correspondent
Lucy Clout | UK | 2015 | 10
I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining
Jesse McLean | USA | 2015 | 15
Sound of My Soul
Wojciech Bakowski | Poland | 2014 | 13
This Particular Nowhere
Rita Macedo | Germany, Portugal | 2015 | 8


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Artist Rehana Zaman Country UK Year 2014 Duration 13 minutes Cert 15