Seamus Harahan profile screening with Q&A

Saturday 26th September / 3:30PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

Seamus Harahan pursues fugitive moments. His epic oeuvre explores the solid lines and grey areas between representations and realities, where things just don’t snugly fit. Harahan has described his way of working as “an absent minded gaze in response to the world... a benign voyeurism - ponderous and wondering - locating yourself, locating others.” Intuitively looking, shooting, recording before thought intervenes, he exposes unexpected slices of the absurd, ushering us to where “inner and outer realities intersect.” We’re left disarmed.


01. Frankie Was a Good Girl 1998 | 4

02. The Criminal Inside of Me 2000 | 6

03. Citygas 2000 | 1

04. Il Mercenario 2001 | 2

05. Tessies 2001 | 16

06. East of the River Nile 2002 | 6

07. Picking Up Change in the Kung Fu Theatre 2004 | 1

08. Free as a Bird 2006 | 1

09. Samuria 2006 | 4

10. Pull Down Lads (Awingbigcell) 2008 | 4

11. Before Sunrise 2008 | 4

12. Stay Here a While 2008 | 1

13. Focus on the Spiral (Cold Open Series) 2014 | 2

14. The Garden Of Daisies (Cold Open Series) 2014 | 3


Born in London, raised in East Tyrone and based in Belfast since the 1990s, Seamus Harahan’s recent works, including Cold Open and Your Smiling Face, have been selected for international festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and Ann Arbor Film Festival (Michigan), where he won a jury prize. Included in Assembly, Tate Britain’s survey of artists’ moving image, his work has also been exhibited in museums and galleries such as Collective, Edinburgh, MuHKA, Antwerp and The Armory, New York. Seamus Harahan represented Northern Ireland at the 51st Venice Biennale 2005 and is shortlisted for the 2015 Jarman Award.

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Artist Seamus Harahan Country UK Cert PG