International Selection

Saturday 18th September / 4PM @ The Maltings Theatre


A chance to see some of the best international short films from the past year, including animation, experimental works and dance on film. This eclectic mix features a mix of recent award winners and festival favourites alongside UK premieres, all of which take performance as a theme, and all in bite-size portions.


Julian Barratt & Dan Jemmett
UK l 2009 l 15min

The story of Barry Shepherd, a worn-out Punch & Judy man. After 50 years of working the wooden dolls, things begin to fall apart. Drinking and cursing his way unrepentantly onwards, Barry continues with the show that threatens to take his soul. A dark comedy from Julian 'The Mighty Boosh' Barratt.

Pablo Millan
Spain l 2010 l 9min

“Fatum is the boundless force of opposition against free will” (Friedrich Nietzsche). In this playful piece, an unnamed man finds himself the subject of the day’s news and the toy of his own fears.

I’m Sorry, Sterling
Jared Mitchell & RM Vaughan
Canada l 2009 l 4min

Video artist Jared Mitchell inserts poet RM Vaughan into the rain-dappled, shadowed and dreamy world of film noir, while Vaughan muses on his relationship as ‘the stupid chick’ to Sterling Hayden’s tough guy hunk.

Matis Burkhardt
Germany l 2010 l 20min

The subway serves as a stage for an unemployed actor who appears again and again in new roles as a ticket inspector, as he is driven by the need to match his role model Peter Lorre. What price will he pay to achieve his goal?

Chloe Rodham
UK l 2010 l 5min

An animated tale of an acrobat dancer and a clown, and unrequited love at the circus. The two misfits are trapped in their characters’ roles and unable to translate their performed romance into reality.

Marianna Mørkøre and Rannvç Kçradùttir
Faroe Islands l 2010 l 4min

An experimental film depicting dancers against the still landscape of a Faroese summer. Shot on Super8, this is the latest piece from artist-filmmaker Marianna Morkore and dancer-choreographer Ranve Karadottir whose previous work, Memotech, screened at festivals the world over.

Storm Tiger Mountain
Scott Cummings
USA l 2009 l 10min

Jon and Nastya come from a small, low-income Russian family living in Los Angeles' Little Armenia neighbourhood. When Jon's mother sends them to the store to buy her cigarettes, the two pass the time on the streets of LA playing hide-and-seek and telling jokes.

Naren Wilks
UK l 2009 l 3min

An inventive use of super-8, combined with the latest in digital manipulation technology. Using four cameras, a man in a white room replicates himself. He and his 'clones' have until the cartridges run out before they disappear. The work was created using one person, one take and one shot.

Never Has Reach
Imri Sandström
Sweden l 2010 l 5min

An appropriation of a traditional Swedish hymn and beautiful performance piece directed by, and featuring, Imri Sandström. Sandström’s video works explore language and the telling of history through movement and the body.




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Artist Various Country International Year 2009 Duration 80 minutes Cert Suggested 15