Neither A nor not-A

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Like a meditation acting on the very root of meaning, a Japanese puppeteer dissects and describes the alphabet to a cactus plant. To suspend language rather than to provoke it, Neither A nor not-A sweeps along apparitions and disappearances of instantaneous signs in which content is irretrievably dismissed, as if listening to a sound poem told by language itself.


In doing so, artistic and scientific re-enactments collide to question intelligence or rather Chi-Sei, Japanese for “the capacity to know”, of various non-beings in a territory where animist mechanisms mask expanding politics of silence.  

Neither A nor not-A is a Festival Commission supported by research undertaken at AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Open Thursday-Sunday 11am -6pm  FREE ENTRY


Producer: Aide à la Recherche du CNAP

Director(s) of Photography:

Editors: Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Sound: Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky


Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky are an artist/filmmaker duo who interrogate film, exhibition, publication and curation. They have held solo shows internationally and have presented their filmwork at various events including Platform Seoul, Matadero Madrid, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius and at film festivals such as Centre Pompidou Paris, Doclisboa and Torino Film Festival. They have completed art residencies in South Korea, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany and France. Their work investigates manifestations of the irrational and the survival of 'fabulations', drawing attention to mechanisms of resistance within specific sociogeopolitical and utopic times.

Selected works

Delirium Ambulare Series, Ongoing

The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes), 2014
A Short Organon For The Hero, 2012
Holy Time In Eternity Holy Eternity In Time, 2011



Original Language: Japanese

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Artist Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky Country Japan Year 2015 Duration 11 minutes Cert 12a