Lost High Street

@ Custom House

A tourist on an open-top bus tour around Edinburgh, is unsure of his own past life, mixing what he thinks are his own memories with misheard fragments of the tour guide's spiel. The narrative eventually takes a bleak turn as it is revealed that the tourist could be stuck forever on a tour that never stops, an endless series of circuits around a city that may be the capital of a disturbing foreign empire in the grip of cold-war paranoia. The tourist fears he may be dead, killed by the empire's security forces because of an act of espionage he has unwittingly committed. This means, he thinks (though he is never sure of any of this), that he is now condemned to repeat his final act, the filming of a bus-top tourist video, in a blossom filled, sun-drenched city, forever.

Open Thursday- Sunday 11am-6pm FREE ENTRY


Cast: Jenny Richards

Music: Paul Rooney with Mathew Dalgleish


Paul Rooney is the 2015 BFMAF artist in residence in partnership with Berwick Visual Arts. His work combines sound, video and text in order to interrogate the deceptions of language and narrative, particularly in relation to how they represent place and historical memory. Rooney began his career as a musician and has since continued to make sound, video and text works as commissions or during residencies. His work has toured in group exhibitions nationally and internationally, and has exhibited at Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery, and Liverpool Biennial, the Shanghai Biennial, The Russian Museum in St Petersburg, Madrid’s Museo Reina Sofia and the Kunst-Werke in Berlin. Paul was the winner of the second Northern Art Prize in 2008.

Selected works:

Feral-Nowledge, 2012

Small Talk, 2010

Bellevue, 2009

The Futurist, 2008




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Artist Paul Rooney Country UK Year 2008 Duration 8 minutes Cert 12a