Friday 25th September / 9PM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

A fairy tale in the jungle and a brilliant amalgam of narrative, verité, fiction and science-fiction, Mercuriales follows two women as they wander through the deserted housing projects and industrial wilderness of Paris. In a narrative as unstable as the setting, Mercuriales creates a rich sensorial mosaic enhanced by James Ferraro’s synth soundtrack.


Cast: Ana Neborac, Philippine Stindel, Jad Solesme

Producers: Amaury Ovise, Jean-Christophe Reymond

Writers: Virgil Vernier, Mariette Désert

Director of Photography: Jordane Chouzenoux

Editor: Raphaëlle Martin Holger

Sound: Simon Apostolou

Music: James Ferraro


Selected Filmography

Andorre, 2013

Pandore, 2010

Thermidor, 2009

Orleans, 2012



Shellac Distribution


Original Language: French


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Artist Virgil Vernier Country France Year 2014 Duration 108 minutes Cert Suggested 18