Polish Animations for the Whole Family

Saturday 18th September / 12PM @ The Maltings Theatre

A selection of animated films to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Poland’s International Young Audience Film Festival, suitable for young and old.

Following the screening, we are delighted to offer an animation workshop for children, click here to view the animation workshop.

The Crossbow
Wladyslaw Nehrebecki
Poland l 1963 l 9min

Inspired by watching a film about William Tell on television, Bolek and Lolek decide to copy the legendary scene with the apple. Bolek places an apple on Lolek’s head and fires from his crossbow. They attempt the fearful scene again and again, hoping that practice will make perfect.


Reksio the Polyglot
(Reksio Poliglota)
Lechoslaw Poznaski
Poland l 1967 l 10min

Reksio studies the languages of his neighbours in his backyard so he can communicate with them and make friends. This turns out to be more difficult than expected! But, with perseverance and enthusiasm, Reksio manages to make new friends as he solves the continuing disputes of the other animals.

The Spinner
Joanna Jasinka-Koronkiewicz
Poland l 2005 l 2min

A beautiful piece of stop-motion animation through the use of oil painting. The story shows the transformation of the flax through colour and motion, comma bringing together traditional animation techniques with incredible artistic flair.

Barnaby The Dragon
(Smok Barnaba)
Tadeusz Wilkosz
Poland l 1977 l 10min

A trouble-making, eccentric sweet-toothed dragon holds a village to ransom because of his love for the baker's cakes. The dragon kidnaps the Mayor’s daughter and will do anything to quell his cravings, but will the baker be able to satisfy the dragon's needs?


Allegory From Serenade G-Major
(Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Rondo)
Jacek Adamczak
Poland l 1991 l 4min

A short film made to illustrate the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
A music quartet plays, but the guests who are gathered in the drawing room are more focused on themselves than on contemplating the music. The quartet performs its piece with ever growing passion, unaware of the activity that surrounds them.


Tracking The Yeti
(Bolek I Lolek Na Tropach Yeti)
Lechoslaw Marszalek
Poland l 1970 l 9min

Bolek and Lolek imagine they are in the snowdrifts of the Himalayas. Here they discover a mysterious Yeti who, much to their surprise, helps them in several dangerous situations as the boys climb Mount Everest.


Magdalena Osinska
Poland l 2008 l 13min

A story of love seen through the eyes of a young boy. As if looking inside the boy's imagination, the audience is taken on an expedition full of adventures, where even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome.

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