Artist Talk

Sunday 21st September / 1PM @ The Town Hall

Artist Talk l FREE

A chance to meet some of the artists represented in Prison Cells at the Town Hall and at The Main Guard, as part of the Debatable Lands exhibition, as the artists behind the work each discuss their films in relation to the Border Crossing theme, and respond to questions from the public.

Artists will include:

Rose Butler (UK)
Chiara Caterina (Belgium)
Sandra Fruebing (UK / Germany)
Przemek Wegrzyn (Poland)
Arash T. Riahi (Austria)

See below for details of their works being presented as part of the Festival,Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st September, 11am – 6pm - free entry.

We recommend you go see the works in advance – and come along with questions!

Rose Butler

Lines Of Resistance
UK Premiere
The Town Hall, Prison Cells
UK | 2013 | 7min, looped
The Berlin wall presents a brutal environment illustrating a bleak history, which is disrupted by the arrival of colourful and enthusiastic tourists. This sometimes humorous and clumsy disjuncture forces us to question how we navigate, consume and reflect upon these sites of human tragedy.

Chiara Caterina
Before Night Falls
UK Premiere
Town Hall, Prison Cells
Belgium | 2013 | 3min, looped
A short reflection about prison and sunset in the centre of Europe’s capital city. Before night falls, prisoners are called by identification numbers and their voices combine in an abstract dimension giving space for an imaginary new life.

Sandra Fruebing
The Individual's Pursuit
Town Hall, Prison Cells
UK, Germany l 2013 l 9min, looped
One character’s quest to inhabit an in-between space as an exploration of what is beyond the obvious. Specially designed apparatus and physical training exercises are employed in an attempt to fulfil the desire to walk along the edge of water and earth, where both elements meet.

Przemek Wegrzyn
Security Measures
UK Premiere
The Main Guard
Poland | 2014 | 6min, looped
Humorous video inspired by the artist accidentally receiving warning messages from the US Embassy regarding potential safety problems for American citizens residing in Poland.

Arash T. Riahi
That Has Been Bothering Me the Whole Time
UK Premiere
Town Hall, Prison Cells
Austria | 2013 | 10min, looped
What happens if you let a woman in a burqa do a performance which could never be allowed to be shown in public? At the end of the show, the set up brings us back to reality.

The talk will be hosted by Huw Davies, Chair of Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival. Huw is a Berwick-based filmmaker, photographer, curator and academic, and co-founded the Festival with Marcus Coates back in 2005. He is currently Dean of the Art College at Derby University.

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Artist Rose Butler, Chiara Caterina, Sandra Freubing, Przemek Wegrzyn & Arash T. Riahi Country Various Year 2014 Duration 90 minutes