Wee Films for Wee Ones

Sunday 21st September / 10:30AM @ The Maltings Theatre & Cinema

A pick ‘n’ mix bag of some of the best short animations from all over the world, selected for their ability to engage even the youngest of children but equally appealing for all ages. These dialogue free films are taken from diverse cultures such as Iran, Russia, South Korea and Japan and range from the hilarious to the inspiring.

This short film programme last 45mins, and will be followed by a free activity – stay on after watching the animations and draw your favourite character, let’s see who our young filmgoers liked the most!

Julia Ocker l Germany l 2014 l 3min
A zebra runs into a tree and her stripes change. The more she tries to fix them, the more diverse the shapes appear. In the end, she discovers that her uniqueness makes her special!

The Little Bird and the Leaf (Der kleine Vogel und das Blatt)
Lena von Dohren l Switzerland l 2012 l 4mins
A small bird is inspired by falling leaves to outwit his nemesis the fox.

Mami Fatale: Big Wash (Mami Fatale: Brudacz)
Lukasz Kacprowicz | Poland l 2013 | 10mins
The old lady Mami Fatale is the world’s best cook, while Dog and Pig tend to get into trouble. This time they must fight the living dirt when Pig gets a little too dirty.

Simple Things (Ghesseh-haye yek khati)
Behzad Farahat l Iran l 2011 l 4mins
A short film sharing the practical jokes of a small, curious and mischievous squirrel.

Komaneko, Home Alone (Komaneko no Orusuban)
Tsuneo Goda l Japan l 2013 l 7mins
An adorable kitten who lives with her grandfather is instructed to behave herself the whole day, and things are going great — until the lights go out in a rainstorm!

Monster & Dumpling
JiHwan Jung l South Korea, USA l 2011 l 5mins
Once up on a time, there was an ugly and violent monster. But on meeting – and attempting to eat – a young girl, something inside him changes.

Hopfrog (Pryg-skok)
Leonid Shmelkov l Russia l 2012 l 5mins
Non-scientific observations of animals and other weird tiny creatures who live in holes and jump up and down all day long.

Miriam’s Kite (Miriami Tuuleleohe)
Priit Tender l Estonia l 2013 l 5mins
The hen enjoys playing around with kites. But when it accidentally flies Miriam’s brother up to a treetop, she and the hen need to act fast and work together to get him down!

Supported by Bridge North East and Tyneside Cinema, in partnership with Berwick Sure Start Children’s Centre.

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