Study for Composition X

Thursday 26th September / 11AM @ Gymnasium Gallery

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th September | 11:00 – 18:00

Sidsel Christensen
Festival Commission
UK / Norway | 2013 | looped

Filmed in Berwick, artist Sidsel Christensen captures the geological qualities of the landscape and coastline using the human form - the artist’s body - as an interactive framing device.

Study for Composition X is a development of a previous intervention in the landscape on the west coast of Norway, building on a series of video paintings commissioned by Open Gallery in London. The installation presents two opposing videos: one a reworking of Christensen’s film created on the Norwegian coast last year, in which the artist faces across the North Sea to the UK, while the newly commissioned work returns the artist’s gaze over the water. Responding to the Festival’s theme, North by Northeast, Study for Composition X connects the two coastal locations.

On the beach in Berwick, the artist performs on a hoop, framing the landscape. Looking beyond the pier wall, just beyond where the sea meets the sky, is the artist’s home town. This new production also saw the artist performing suspended from a height of 30 metres under the Royal Tweed Bridge, looking out to where the river meets the sea. The viewer experiences the work as one, long ‘still’ image, as the camera moves around the artist, framing her - and the riverside - from all angles.

If you draw a line between Berwick and Norway on a map, the shortest, most direct line is hitting exactly the space in southwest of Norway, Ogna, where my previous video was filmed. I am really happy about the opportunity this commission has given me, to be able to stretch the line of the gaze that far."

– Sidsel Christensen


It was a really calm and immersive experience to be hanging in a space, between the sea and the sky, framed by the bridge, where no-one has ever been before and probably never will again." – Sidsel Christensen

Study for Composition X has been commissioned in partnership with NABROAD, the Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroad, with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Arts Council England. The production of this commission would not have been possible without the support of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Northumberland County Council, Berwick Fire Station and Berwick Sailing Club.


You can meet the artist Sidsel Christensen by coming to her artist's talk on Saturday 28th September at 1pm, at the Gymnasium Gallery.

Artist’s Profile:


Sidsel Christensen was born in Norway in 1978 and works across the moving image, live-events and performance-based lectures to explore different possibilities of transforming perceived realities. She uses the camera as a social tool for intimate encounters, capturing an idealised ‘space' between the artist and the subject/audience: one that challenges subjectivity and opens up a space of potential, power struggle and friction. Recent exhibitions include The Edge of Reason at KINO KINO Centre for Contemporary Art and Film Sandnes, Norway, and Long Live The New Flesh at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, while upcoming exhibitions include Open Gallery, London.

(images by Mark Pinder)

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Artist Sidsel Christensen Country UK / Norway Year 2013 Duration 15 minutes