Northern Lights

Thursday 26th September / 11AM @ The Town Hall

Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th September | 11:00 - 18:00

An exhibition of short videos set in the far north: a view of Sámi culture through reindeer herding; views of the Arctic Svalbard glacier through movement; using the Faroe Islands as a backdrop for dance; time-lapse sequences of Reykjavik in the midnight sun; and exploring the relationship between man and landscape as skiers make their way down an Icelandic mountain.

Eva Weber
69.4 Degrees North
UK / Finland I 2012 | 4min, looped

Journeying 400 kilometers above the polar circle to Karigasniemi village in Utsjoki, Finland, we find the reindeer herding that has been the livelihood of the Arctic’s indigenous Sa´mi people for countless generations.

Once gathered, the animals are identified by various markers and distributed to their owners, who depend on them for food and to help with their work. 69.4 Degrees North explores the eerie isolation of the Arctic landscape and captures the sheer adrenaline rush of the herding.

Yva Jung
The Arctic is Not Too Far From Her(e)
World Premiere
Norway I 2011 | 13min, looped

An ephemeral intervention in landscape, shot in Svalbard – an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, between Norway and the North Pole – where we find a figure, reflected.

In order to balance her stance with the frozen horizon of the glacier mountain, she blows up a balloon and leans on the white void using her breath as a crutch.

UK Premiere
Faroe Islands | 2011 | 3min, looped

Rammatik – aka Marianna Mørkøre and Rannva´ Ka´rado´ttir (who created Mare in Berwick-upon-Tweed in 2011) – return with another experimental short that embraces movement through camera.

The harsh and breathtaking nature of the Faroe Islands provides the backdrop for a ‘fairie’-like dancer, shot in the artists’ signature Super-8 style.

Tim Harrison
Reykjavik Nights
World Premiere
UK I 2012 I 4min, looped

An audiovisual exploration of the extended twilight of Reykjavik, using overnight timelapse sequences.

The sound uses a short wave broadcast recorded in Iceland. Short wave is capable of broadcasting very long distances, historically essential for an island positioned in the far North Atlantic, but subject to interference from solar activity such as the Northern Lights.

Lois Patiño
Mountain in Shadow
UK Premiere
Spain / Iceland I 2012 | 14min, looped

A poetic view into the powerful relationship between humans and landscape as we contemplate the activity of skiers on a snowy mountain. The vastness of the mountainside contrasts with the insignificance of the people on it, almost invisible by distance.

Starting from the white snow, the image of the film becomes increasingly darker, transforming the space into something unreal, dreamlike and spectral. The skiers become artificially illuminated, now more visible as they appear to slide down the slopes in a hypnotic movement.


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