Manufactured Britishness

Thursday 18th September / 11AM @ Shoregate Ice House

Looped installation l 11am – 6pm, Thu 18 - Sun 21 Sep l FREE ENTRY

Regional Premiere

Inspired by the compulsory ‘Life in the UK’ test, Manufactured Britishness imagines a future where immigrants must undergo physical assessments to demonstrate their worth as prospective British citizens.

Set in post-industrial locations that have ceased to bring any value to the economy, these areas are turned into training zones where immigrants are tested on their ability to sing Messiah by Handel, show an appreciation for Newton, and demonstrate a calm demeanor when dealing with social accidents and emergencies - all strictly aligned with Britain’s customs, culture and values. At what point does one ‘become’ British?

Kristina Cranfeld is an Uzbekistan-born, London-based artist and filmmaker. Gaining a Bachelor’s degree from Goldsmiths she went on to obtain a Masters from the Royal College of Art. Her work, exhibited internationally and published by WeMakeMoneyNotArt, The Line magazine, Blueprint and others, is a combination of speculative narratives, performances and social experiments, investigating and challenging societal and political systems and their impact on human lives. Largely concerned with immigration, borders and human identity, Cranfeld’s work is presented through films, installations, photographs and live performances. She continuously experiments with these mediums, finding unconventional techniques to tell and capture compelling visions.

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Artist Kristina Cranfeld Country UK Year 2013 Duration 13 minutes