Chris Anderson Award

**UPDATE - for details of who won the Chris Anderson Award this year, please go to our News page!**

The nominations for The Chris Anderson Award for Best Young Filmmaker 2013 have been announced – showcasing twelve films made by young filmmakers aged 11 – 19, and from across North East England and South East Scotland, from Teesside to Edinburgh.

Most of the young filmmakers involved will be in attendance at the Young Filmmakers Showcase on Sunday 29th September at The Maltings Theatre & Cinema, presented as part of the Festival and sponsored by the National Youth Film Academy.

The winning film will be awarded a £200 cash prize to go towards the young filmmakers’ next project. The winner will be announced on the day by a high profile jury including Rob Earnshaw (Chairman of the National Youth Film Academy), local filmmaker Alysoun Sharpe, and director Kari Ann Moe, who is travelling to Berwick from Oslo, Norway. The NYFA are also offering 3 full scholarships to the National Youth Film Academy for individual filmmakers and actors in the selection with exceptional talent. The event will be presented by comedy writer, performer, filmmaker James Harris.

The award is being presented in memory of the late Chris Anderson, one of the Festival’s founders, and an active supporter of nurturing young filmmakers. The prize has been donated by his family, widow Chrissie Anderson and son Paul W.S. Anderson, the Hollywood blockbuster director behind the Resident Evil series.

For further details on the event and to book tickets please click here.

The Nominees for the Chris Anderson Award for Best Young Fil

2001: A Space Odyssey Sweded | 2013 | 9min
Luke Duffy, Lizzie Mansfield, John Barratt, Alexandra Durance, Liam Binns, Jack Phillipson

Tyneside Cinema’s Pop Up Film School, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

A sweded version of Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film has been reworked but with a difference, this is DIY filmmaking at its best.

Dinosaur Lost in Time | 2013 | 2min
Lauren Bruce, Olivia Bruce

Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland

A dinosaur is lost in time and roaming around in the local countryside of Berwick. Watch as the havoc unfolds and see what happens when man finally comes face to face with dinosaur.

The Man with No Name | 2013 | 5min
Louis Clark, Aron Dalecairns, Michael Tulloch, Yutsil Martinez, Adam Smith

Screen Education Edinburgh, Edinburgh

A modern day western set on the streets of Edinburgh. A young boy takes inspiration from his hero’s of the old Wild West and plucks up the courage to finally face the bullies that torment him. Things don’t go exactly to plan but will the 21st century cowboy prevail?


Kitman | 2013 | 8min
Alex Ayre, Joe Kroese, Adam Young

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

Tony Kennedy is a recently retired Kit Man, having serving more than 1000 games for his beloved Blyth Spartans. A documentary that centers around how his good-hearted nature and commitment to the role has earned him a cult status amongst players, officials and fans.

The Lottery Ticket | 2012 | 5min
Moving On Project

Moving On Project, Redcar & Cleveland | Tees Valley Arts project, Middlesbrough, Teesside

A stop-motion animation about a man who finds a winning lottery ticket on the street, he knows the poor family it belongs but will he return it or cash it in? He faces a moral dilemma, we see the consequences of his actions unfold but can he rectify his mistake in time…

The ABC Challenge | 2013 | 3min
Dionne, Jamie, Ladislav, Shannon, Mahdieh, Plamedie, Emily, Lauren, Andrew Craigie, Ryan Gregson, Georgia Robyn Jones

Beacon Hill Arts, Heaton Manor School’s HIARC (Hearing Impaired Additionally Resourced Centre), Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear | Marden High School Deaf Support Centre, North Tyneside

After being challenged to a BSL sign-off by the arrogant "cool" kid, our unfashionable hero seeks the help of the sign language guru and embarks on a gruelling training regime to challenge her nemesis in a dramatic dénouement.

Sounds Like Home | 2013 | 4min
Joe Kroese, Raul Ally, Alex Ayre, Jamie Charlton

Wylam, Northumberland

Many sons of farmers, whilst dreaming of moving away, have a financial duty to take on the family farm. A Northumbria teenager explores his obligation to family heritage alongside his desire to pursue an alternative lifestyle, using ‘foleyed’ sound to help tell his story.

Haunted Again | 2013 | 6min
Daniel Ewan, Cade Whitfield, Philippa Wellden, Mathew Hogan, Ciara Horgan, Olivia Bernstein, Dawn Fuller, Jake Austin Fuller, Victoria Richardson, Laura Hackett, Alice Oakey, Niall Murtagh, Bertie Hinson, Emily Roberts

Coquet Voices of Dr Thom Middle School, Rothbury, Northumberland

Narrated in traditional Northumberland dialect this is the story of a family who move into an idyllic old house, until strange and unexplained thing start to happen! Something is haunting them from beyond the grave but is it related to their own distant past?

No Cuts | 2013 | 3min
Millie Scott, Tori Bromham, Lalena Duncan, Amy Howes, Zosia Reca, Lizi Gray, Annie Johnson

Utter Legends, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

In 2013 Newcastle City Council implemented £100 million worth of cuts to local services. Many cuts directly affect young people, who without the right to vote have little opportunity to voice their feelings. Utter Legends document the potentially devastating impact of the cuts on young people.

Fallen Superhero | 2013 | 4min
Lee Carson, Craig Birch, Olivia Bruce, Lauren Bruce, Liam Mutch, Lewis Evans, Felicity Frank, Keiren Drysdale

Open Door Film Club, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland

A superhero discovers he has lost his powers, we see his failed attempts to adapt to life in our world without magical powers until a young girl take pity on him and decides to help. Teaching him the basics of survival with hilarious consequences.

Tyne | 2012 | 1min
Lily Kroese, Joe Kroese

Wylam, Northumberland

The tale of boy meets girl and the journey they take together down the River Tyne. A simple stop-motion animation that moseys gently downstream and finally leads us out to sea.

Rockhopper | 2013 | 9min
Caitlin Ivory

Tynemouth, North Tyneside

A teenage girl climbs out the window to escape her disappointing 18th birthday party and embarks on a journey of self-discovery around her native costal town. Her adventure is told in parallel with the long lost dreams of a bearded fisherman.


Meet the Jury

In 2008 Rob Earnshaw started his career in Casting, specialising in locating young Actors in TV, Theatre and Film. In 2011 with the support of BFI Future Film he launched the National Youth Film Academy, an organisation dedicated to locate, educate, develop and showcase the talents of exceptionally gifted Young Actors and Filmmakers aged 16-25 from around the UK. Now Rob runs a number of companies in the creative and digital media sector employing over 50 staff working alongside some of the biggest names in the creative industry.

Kari Anne Moe is a filmmaker from Sandefjord, Norway. She was previously known for Salesman 329, about the Oslo salesman Knut Olav Brurud-Johannessen, and has more recently completed her third documentary, Bravehearts, a documentary about youth politicians changes radically when a terrorist commits Utøya-massacre of 69 party kids while filming. Moe – who was herself an active youth party member, as head of the Socialist Youth Party – will be coming to Berwick with her film.

Alysoun Sharpe is a professional filmmaker from North Northumberland, who works throughout the region and beyond, working with young people and members of various communities with her company Shadowcat Films. Her credits include Valley in the North, Yetholm - The Finest Place, and most recently The Forgotten Workers which was nominated for a Northumberland National Park Award and a Journal Culture Award. She is currently producing a documentary about Border Collies which has received global interest.